Benvenuti nel cuore del Monferrato

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Regional Tourism

Weekend in Monferrato

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weekend in monferrato

There are many possibilities to spend a pleasant weekend in Montferrat, all different and particularly desirable. As for the timing of your visit, we suggest you to choose the autumn for its warm colour tones and great cuisine and the spring for the multicolour explosion of flowers and trees, but also the summer will give you great opportunities, specially as regards feasts and public events.

Farm Holidays in Monferrato

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farm holidays monferrato

Montferrat gives you a wide choice of possibilities for your holidays.

Monferrato Region

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scoprire il monferrato

If you want to discover Montferrat region, you have to know that it is a Piedmont’s area delimited by the hills of Turin and Po River to the north, and by Appennino Ligure to the south.

Tourism in Monferrato

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Tourism in Monferrato

The tourist that comes to Monferrato gets very often a feeling of faint mystery, as if this territory would hide some secret to be disclosed, or as if something untold was there. Sometimes, however, this feeling could suddenly turn to love at first sight.